I don’t know if many of you know what a thermal paste or thermal grease is. I didn’t know about it for a very long time. That stopped one day when my laptop heated up so hard, that it shut down all of a sudden. Poor thing almost melted.

Arctic Silver 5
99.9% pure micronized silver
will not separate, run, migrate or bleed
non-electrically conductive and easy to apply and remove

I went to this guy I know and told him what the problem was. He asked me when was the last time I changed the thermal grease. I was probably making a funny face because he started laughing. He couldn’t believe I didn’t know what a thermal paste was and that I have never replaced it on my laptop. Considering that I had it for quite some time.

What is thermal paste?

Thermal paste (or thermal grease, CPU grease, heat paste, heat sink paste, thermal compound) is a heat conductor, but electric insulator, that is usually used as an interface between heat sinks and sources of heat. The primary purpose of it is to fill the air gaps from the interface to increase heat transfer. Air is a powerful thermal insulator, which is why it has to eliminated. Thermal paste will do precisely that.

Now I know that when my laptop heats up too bad is either the radiator that must be cleaned or the thermal paste that needs to be replaced because it has air infiltrations. I even got good enough to clean and change it myself. My guy recommended that time Arctic Silver. And you know what? I still use Arctic Silver 5. It has never let me down.

What is it important to change the thermal grease?

Didn’t you just read the first paragraph? Ok, so here is how it goes. The difference between changing and not changing the thermal paste on your processor is a scorching CPU. It is almost impossible to cook a CPU, although there is some compelling evidence online that it is, in fact, possible. It’s very rare, but it happens. There’s pictures and all that.

However, there are sensors in your laptop, your desktop, and even your monitor, that track the system’s temperature. So it’s not like nobody knows about this aspect. It’s very legit. So these sensors will let you know when it’s time to do something about the heat. And if you don’t, they simply shut off the system for its own protection.

So how important it is to replace the thermal paste? Very. You have to protect the system. Otherwise, it will shut down. And don’t think that the problem will pass all by itself. It will most certainly not. The computer will shut down when it’s way too hot. Guess what will happen next time? The same. It will shut off over and over again until you get things done.

So I would say that a good thermal paste can make a big difference for your CPU, but it depends on other factors as well. For example, what do you know about your CPU? Does it have a reputation for heating up quickly? What about the heatsink? Is it stock, or too small? Also, there is the airflow in the case, the overall temperature…they all matter.

Do you know why? Because with a high-quality heat sink or a cooling assembly you can lose the thermal paste. Although it is not recommended. Today’s CPUs may seem more resilient, but they have actually got better. When too hot, they just throttle themselves back and run slower. They will try to control the heat themselves. But it’s better if you give your CPU a push then and again. Otherwise, it will shut down.

I learned this aspect on the hard way. I was working on something on my laptop, and I lost everything (partly because I have this bad habit of not saving when I should) because it got too hot. That was the moment when I was told about Arctic Silver. And guess what? I still use Arctic Silver 5 today. It has never disappointed me, which is why I am doing this review. I want everybody to know that this product is the best thermal paste on the market and investing in it means that you care about your computer. At the end of the day, it’san investmentinyourself.

Why is Arctic Silver 5 the best thermal grease?

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Arctic Silver 5 hasa unique high-density filling of micronized silverand increased thermally conductive ceramic particles. This product revolutionizes the level of performance and stability. In the years it spent as a market leader, Arctic Silver 5 has become a point of reference for any other product in this category. It is sold worldwide. Mainly because it has an optimized formula that can support the modern high –power CPUs. It’s the best cooling system you will ever put your hands on.

Apart from that, there are other features that make this product the best there is.

It’s 99.9% pure silver

Arctic Silver 5 contains 99.9% silver. There are three shapes and sizes of pure silver, all unique. The sole purpose of this is to increase particle-to-particle contact area to the maximum. Also, it will increase the thermal transfer, which is the primary aim of thermal paste.

The sad thing is that there are a lot of such products on the market and many of them claim to have pure silver in them. Alas, none of them actually do. It’s all a marketing strategy to get customers. But not Arctic Silver 5. It has been tested numerous times, and it checked out each and every time. Perhaps that is why it is still a leader on the market when it comes to thermal grease.

It’s high-density

In case you did not understand earlier, the reason why you need a thermal paste is that the surface of the heat sink and the CPU, no matter how smooth may seem to the naked eye, have microscopic gaps that are filled with air. Air is the worst heat conductor you can imagine, which is why it is very important to get rid of it. In order to do that, you need a high-density thermal paste. Precisely what Arctic Silver 5 is.

It is 88% thermally conductive filler (when it comes to weight). There are multiple compounds that make Arctic Silver 5. Apart from pure Silver, there is also sub-micron zinc oxide, boron nitride particles, and aluminum oxide. Together they all help to make a stable and high-performance compound that will protect your CPU by preventing overheating. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Triple-phase viscosity

Unlike other thermal pastes, Arctic Silver 5 does not contain any silicone. The fluid which ensures suspension is a patented mix of a few advanced polysynthetic oils that together provide three different functional phases.

You can use Arctic Silver 5 right from the tube. It has the perfect consistency for immediate use. You don’t have to mix it or wait for it to reach the ideal firmness. You just apply it and leaveit to do its job.

When the CPU first runs, the compound will become thin a little bit. That way it can ensure the filling of all microscopic gaps and that the heatsink and the CPU have a perfect physical contact. But in the next 50 to 200 hours, the compound will become thicker so it can provide more stability.

Please do not confuse this process with the conventional phase change pads that are usually preattached to some heatsinks. The difference is that those pads melt every time they are heated, but when they run cold, they solidify. Arctic Silver 5’s viscosity is much more stable than that, thus is more efficient.

It’s not an electrical conductor

I don’t believe I have to tell you this, but if you are where I was a few years back, then you have no idea. Thermal paste is a heat conductor, not an electricity conductor. That would be catastrophic. Its purpose is to transmit the cooling that comes from the radiator to the CPU, through the contact with the heatsink. That’s it. Thermal conductivity only. If it were an electrical conductor…well the story may be different.

Arctic Silver 5 is a lot safer than other silver or copper bases thermal greases. However, it is not recommended that you place it anywhere near electrical traces, leads and pins. It may not be an electricity conductor, but the compound does still contain metal. It may still have a slight capacity, and it may provide a bridge if there are two electrical paths nearby. So pay attention on how you apply the compound, and everything should be just fine.

It’s amazingly stable

Unlike other products in this category, Arctic Silver 5 is very stable. It will notcrumble when it’s thick, it’s not runny when you apply it and neither when it becomes thin to fill all the gaps. It will not move around and will not bleed. Also, when you want to replace it, the old compound is very easy to remove. The manufacturer considered all possibilities and had excluded all the chances of those things happening by creating a balanced and perfect formula for this compound.

It will last forever

Depending on what quantity you are purchasing, the Arctic Silver 5 will last a very long time. Not only that the product is high-quality, and you don’t have to change it often, but you don’t have to apply a ton of it to have a maximum effect. People are skeptical when they first try the Arctic Silver 5, and they buy the 12 g tube, but then they quickly realize that they had made a big mistake. The 3.5 g tube is more appropriate. The 12 g one will last you forever.

It’s very easy to use

Before dismissing this idea, try to think that are a lot of people who have never opened a laptop or a computer case in their lives. Opening some screws is not hard, but it gives you the strangesensation you are doing it wrong, and you fear that you may break something. That’s the way I felt when I first changed the paste of my laptop. So having it easy when it comes to applying the grease part is a huge benefit. At least for people who try doing this at home.

So, apply a pea size blob in the middle of your CPU and then put the heatsink. You can level it with your finger if you like, put placing the heating right over the blob will flatten it smoothly without you getting dirty. It will not hurt your skin if that’s what you’re thinking, but pressure is way better at leveling the blob than your fingers are. No offense.

Also, the syringe in which Arctic Silver 5 arrives comes in handy. You can do the job in a very clear manner, and you will not waste any thermal paste either. As a matter of fact, that is the whole reason the manufacturer uses a syringe and not a regular tube. From a syringe, you can take everything out. The seal will make sure that the paste will not become dry and that dust particle will not get in. It’s the ideal product in every single way.

There are many benefits if you think about it. Arctic Silver 5 is, after all, meant to protect your laptop or computer from the damages heat can create.


You can read a hundred Arctic Silver 5 reviews online. They will all say the same thing, that it is the best thermal grease on the market. It is of high-quality, it is entirely affordable, and it’s so easy to use that any beginner will be able to change it. You will be spared of a service bill, and your computer’s temperature will be steady. Everyone is happy. Click here to buy on Amazon

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